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Ronald Reagan

I was reminded

". . .I was reminded of the differences between the challenges which my class of '32 had to meet and the problems that confront today's college students. While we spent our college years in the midst of a severe depression . . . as students, you prepare to step forward into a world enduring another economic crisis, which I hope and pray my Administration can resolve. But I believe that our Nation is in the grip of another crisis that is ultimately far more serious -- an era of moral decline.

Through every public medium available, our young people are bombarded daily with assaults on the fundamental values which shaped and sustained this Nation. It is difficult to turn on a radio or television, read a newspaper, magazine or popular book, or see a movie in a neighborhood theater and not find an attack on the ethics and moral values we have been taught to cherish. . . .

Great courage is needed to live a Christian life in today's society. We know that only God can give us the courage and the guidance we so badly need. . . .

. . .We must always remember that we are created in God's image, that we will never be abandoned if we seek our solace and optimism in trust and in prayer. . . ."


Ronald Reagan

The Intellectuals Speak Out about God (xvii-xviii)

Ed. Roy Abraham Varghese

Chicago: Regnery, 1984

Marcus Stenson