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What Shall We Do With The Bible? (Temporarily Out Of Print)

What Shall We Do With The Bible? (Temporarily Out Of Print)


First printed in 1975, a skillful explication of Warren's logical argument for the inspiration of the BibleFrom the Preface: “It is felt that this book is unique in that it offers not only a number of facts relevant to the subject of the inspiration and authority of the Bible but also presents the logical tool which demonstrates that these facts demand the conclusion that the Bible is from God

Warren says in the introduction "It has been a three-fold abiding passion of mine:  

1) To develop the basic argument which would prove without a doubt that the Bible is inspired, infallible, and authoritative word of God, 

2) to help younger men to see this truth, and

3) to encourage thm to communicate this truth to others by means of oral speech, journal articles, tracts, and books.

I am convinced I did develop the basic argument for such proof.  I have set forth that argument (with fullproof that the premises of that argument are true) in the classroom.  I also have set forth in print the basic argument (first, in a journal article and, second, in a lecture during a college lectureship). 



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