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Spring Apologetics Lectures



UPCOMING 8th Annual SAL: 2018

Dr. John Parker - The Literary Superiority of the Bible



2017's 7th Annual SAL

Dr. Doug Burleson -
Once Delivered, Forever Established: The Certainty of the Holy Scriptures

Dr. Burleson delivered lectures on three critical topics:

The Authority Of The Text

The Canonicity Of The Text

The Authenticity Of The Text



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2016's 6th Annual SAL

Dick Sztanyo - Is Worldview only a Buzzword?


This series of lectures, delivered 12 May 2016, bring worldview into focus and give tools needed to determine which worldview is actually correct. 


2015: 5th Annual SAL

Dr. Dale W. Manor - Digging Deeper Into The Word:
THe relevance of Archeaology to Christian apologetics

In the classical tradition of apologetics relating to the proof for the inspiration of the Bible appeal is made to what are called external and internal evidences. External evidences are confirmatory in nature while internal evidences possess a primary significance in demonstrating the Bible to be of divine origin. . . . In harmony with the awareness of the classical apologetical distinction between external and internal evidences, and how the “science” of archaeology is relevant to apologetics through its confirmatory value, Professor Dale W. Manor and Warren Apologetics Center have partnered in the publication of this book. Dr. Manor’s expertise and scholarship in archaeology are recognized and respected by many. This, in conjunction with his respect for, and faith in, the biblical text evidences why we believe this book he has authored is of significant value and worthy of great circulation and careful study.


2014: 4th Annual SAL

Nobie H. Stone -
Genesis 1 and Lessons From Space: Faith, Reason, and Nature

This unique book reviews some of the most compelling scientific observations obtained from more than 45 years of space research and exploration.   We will tour the Solar System-looking down on the planets from orbiting probes and peering out at alien landscape from rovers placed on the surface of distant worlds-and we will look through the NASA Hubble and Chandra Space Telescopes almost to the limit of the visible universe.  We will then consider the creation account given in Genesis Chapter One in the light of what has been observed, together with some of the most fundamental laws of nature and current scientific theory.  The results will speak for themselves, but suffice it to say at this point, that they should shed serious doubt on the present consensus of scientific thought and suggest that perhaps one should look beyond the universe itself for an explanation as to how and why it came into being.