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Telling The Other Side Of The Story

Warren Christian Apologetics Center (WCAC) is an informational theistic center that exists for the purpose of affirming and defending the Christian worldview while aiming to challenge the growing global influence of atheistic thought. WCAC is an intensive effort to produce, publish, and propagate sound, scholarly material that affirms and defends the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ. To accomplish these objectives WCAC utilizes audio and video materials, books, classes, documents, journals, lectures, mass media, pamphlets, scholarly dialogue and debate, the worldwide web, workshops, and seminars suitable for various age groups.

The mission of WCAC is achieved through reliance on God, prayer, and a staff of qualified individuals who possess a deep personal interest in and passion for Christian Apologetics as well as expertise through knowledge, skill, and experience in fields that enable the WCAC mission to be fulfilled. Although formal graduate and post-graduate study is not essential to serve as a member of the WCAC Staff, several staff members have pursued, and continue to pursue, formal high-level academic studies. A number of our staff members have earned the terminal academic degree in their chosen field of expertise.

The support of individuals and groups such as families, churches, schools, civic organizations, foundations, etc. who are sensitive to the mission of the Warren Christian Apologetics Center is crucial to the accomplishment of our mission.

SUPPORT Warren Christian Apologetics Center
  • As a young preacher I heard Dr. Thomas B. Warren say that the reason he was pursuing his doctorate was in order to defend, on their educational levels, those who were in academia. He achieved this purpose by successfully meeting, in a public forum, some of the most highly respected representatives of an unbelieving culture. I am especially thankful for those who are now carrying on this great legacy through the Warren Apologetics Center. The literature produced is of the finest quality and I recommend it highly.
    — Dr. Jay Lockhart, Preacher/Elder, Whitehouse, Texas Church of Christ
  • As I was growing up, I always heard that 'philosophy leads theology around by the nose.' As an adult, I have found such to be true. Academics have influenced our world to such a degree that agnosticism and atheism are ever growing. We desperately need people who are trained to stand up and stem the tide of these evil influences. This center is going to do just that!
    — –Lindsey D. Warren, Ph.D. (1950-2009)
  • ...we must provide the world with the material which proves that God is and that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, and authoritative word of God. We must show the world that there are good reasons for being a Christian.
    — Thomas B. Warren
  • “Ours is becoming an age of doubt and skepticism. Some are atheists who contend that there is no God and others are agnostics who are not convinced there is a God but are not sure He does not exist. Still others accept that God might exist but do not believe strong enough to live a dedicated life for Him. The new Apologetics Center is much needed at this time in history to present sound materials that show there is a Creator who designed the universe, that the Bible is His word, and that Jesus is the Christ of God, the only Savior of the world. [These] are the right men at the right time to establish the Warren Christian Apologetics Center. [All] would do well to support this effort to present convincing evidence that the universe has been created and designed by almighty God."
    — Owen D. Olbricht, Author Former University Professor

Areas of Impact

A foundation for our other areas of focus, we believe scholarly publications of the highest quality are a lifeblood of our mission. 

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter designed to keep anyone who wishes to follow the mission and vision of WCAC current with all events and opportunities to get involved. 

The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, and WCAC offers an increasing variety of options the seeker has to connect with our content.

In addition to publications in digital and print varieties, WCAC is also proud to produce high level academic dialogues and debates.  

Sufficient Evidence is a biannual scholarly journal devoted to setting forth evidence for the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ.

217Faith - Power, Love, Sound Mind - provides an answer to the tide of Secularism that is destroying the lives and faith of American youth.