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what others are saying about the mission and work of Warren Christian Apologetics Center:

Dr. C. Philip Slate

Christian Educator
Former University and
School of Theology Professor

“From the first century to the present Christians of many stripes and brands have been opposed, harassed, persecuted and even killed. In each age the prevailing threats have needed a cogent response on their own turf, both to strengthen believers and to open the door for teaching unbelievers. I am favorably impressed with what Warren Christian Apologetics Center is doing in these two areas. Their literature is thoughtful and well produced; their workshops and dialogs are constructive and useful. They are engaging the prevailing issues of our day in a fair-minded and irenic manner. I applaud those efforts."

Dr. Clifton L. Ganus Jr.

Chancellor Emeritus - Harding University

"I am happy that you named your Center after Thomas B. Warren. He taught with us at Harding University for about 10 years, while I was president, and did a very fine job. We appreciated him, his ability, his love for the Lord and his faithfulness to God's word. Your continuation of Warren's relentless search for and defense of the truth of our heavenly Father is so important.

We live in an age in which Secular Humanism runs rampant and Postmodernism floods the Earth. It is comforting to know that there are yet some bright lights of truth and fidelity in our land. Thanks for being one of them. May the God of Heaven bless your efforts as you serve Him."

Frank "Digger" Dawson

President, Lou Holtz/
Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame
East Liverpool, OH

"In these times of declining church attendance, a plummeting faith in God, poor service and a lack of attention to detail, it has been refreshing to occasionally come in contact with organizations and individuals who genuinely care. The Warren Apologetics Center is to be congratulated for the involvement of such people, and especially for the leadership . . . to sustain such an operation."


"I was so pleased to hear about the work . . . in establishing an apologetics center in this area. There is a great need in this field and these men are well qualified to lead this work. I highly recommend it and encourage you to look into how you can be involved in this good work."

Frank Higginbotham


“Being a high school teacher of 32 years in Biological Sciences, and for the past 8 years at Washington State Community College in Marietta, I can attest to the fact that there has definitely been a decline in morals and right thinking in our schools. I can understand why our country founded on Christian principles by our forefathers has entered into a rapid moral decay since atheistic views are now being accepted more and more. I can remember going to elementary school . . . and having two Fridays in the month in which a religious education teacher would come to the school. She would read us Bible stories and teach us concerning morality and the proper treatment of other people. I can remember when we would start every day with a prayer. I used to offer a public prayer before every football game. I was very much impressed with Charles Pugh’s presentation on behalf of Warren Christian Apologetics Center. I appreciate the opportunity to assist in this great work, and I will continue to keep this project in my prayers.”

Franklin Powers

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology
Washington State Community College

“As the father of two young teenagers I find myself in a daily struggle, continually trying to counteract the barrage of humanistic and atheistic undercurrents being pushed at my children through the media and the schools. They are being made out to be intellectually inferior for their beliefs. It is critical for them to be taught to reason through these assaults on their faith, and by doing so, to come out strengthened in their resolve to stand up for the truth of God's Word. The Warren Christian Apologetics Center can become a wonderful resource and tool to help equip young and old alike in the daily defense of their faith and to bolster their ability to combat the propagation of these erring philosophies. I pray that the efforts of this center will continue to be greatly blessed."

Gary J. Petty, MD

Assistant Professor 
Marshall University 
Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine 
Huntington, WV

“As one who is directly involved everyday in the business world, I see firsthand the effect that the loss of Christian faith has on culture. Free enterprise is a wonderful thing, but not when a culture is experiencing the severe loss of faith in God who provides the only real basis for value judgments. Warren Christian Apologetics Center addresses the true solution to the cultural problem of the breakdown of ethical values. I support this Center and strongly urge others to do the same."

Gordon S. Todd

East Liverpool Foods, Inc.

"Thomas B. Warren was a towering figure in the Lord's church of the 20th century. I am glad to see his heritage of faith preserved through the work of Warren Christian Apologetics Center. May the God of all truth guide this work in His grace to build faith in Him."

Gregory Alan Tidwell

Gospel Advocate

“It is wonderful to see God made visible to those who cannot see. I applaud the Warren Christian Apologetics Center for proclaiming and demonstrating the existence of the Almighty to a world that seems to be going blind."

Dr. James A. Johnson

CEO and General Partner
Ethos Leadership Group, LLC

"As I was growing up, I always heard that 'philosophy leads theology around by the nose.' As an adult, I have found such to be true. Academics have influenced our world to such a degree that agnosticism and atheism are ever growing. We desperately need people who are trained to stand up and stem the tide of these evil influences. This center is going to do just that!"

Lindsey D. Warren, Ph.D.


"It was great to visit with you . . . I was so impressed with the caliber of your work. This center will make a great contribution to the onslaught of moral reletavism. I think you are 'spot on' with your strategy to target young people with this message. Most of them have not been exposed to these foundational underpinnings of the Christian faith."

Michael D. Williams, Ed. D.

Faulkner Universtity
Montgomery, Alabama

“Ours is becoming an age of doubt and skepticism. Some are atheists who contend that there is no God and others are agnostics who are not convinced there is a God but are not sure He does not exist. Still others accept that God might exist but do not believe strong enough to live a dedicated life for Him. The new Apologetics Center is much needed at this time in history to present sound materials that show there is a Creator who designed the universe, that the Bible is His word, and that Jesus is the Christ of God, the only Savior of the world.

[These] are the right men at the right time to establish the Warren Christian Apologetics Center. [All] would do well to support this effort to present convincing evidence that the universe has been created and designed by almighty God."

Owen D. Olbricht

Former University Professor

“Our fast changing world, headlong into postmodernism and forgetful of God, desperately needs faith, hope, and love. The Warren Christian Apologetics Center will play an increasing role in equipping soldiers of the cross in how to respond to the attacks on our faith. We thank God for men who understand the times and know what God's people should do to face the challenges. We need trained apologists who can give an answer for the hope that lies with us."

Phil Sanders

Search Television Ministry

“Our nation has plummeted into a chasm of bleakness hallmarked by relativism and humanism which has been fueled by an organized campaign to remove God and His Word from every facet of American society. Our nation has wandered far from our God-centered heritage and many of our citizens have turned from the principles of civility, responsibility and accountability. In this time of moral indifference and reckless irresponsibility, Warren Christian Apologetics Center stands as a beacon pointing the way back to the reality that there is a God and He and His Word are the only firm foundation on which a nation and its people can stand. May God bless your efforts as you strive to turn our nation back to its moral and spiritual heritage."

Robert Stephens, Ed.D.

Former President - Bernard McDonough Foundation
Former President - Ohio Valley University

“At a time when theistic philosophers were a distinct minority in academia, Dr. Thomas Warren refused to let atheists set the agenda. Confident that his fundamental convictions were grounded in truth, he engaged the leading atheists of his day in public debate. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed the whole climate of thought as it pertained to public perceptions of theism. Today theism and Christianity are under renewed assault from numerous quarters and there is an obvious need for the kind of work pioneered by Dr. Warren. It is precisely this need that is addressed by the Warren Christian Apologetics Center. This Center will play an invaluable role in presenting the case for God in today's intellectual environment."

Roy Abraham Varghese

Author of The Wonder of the World
Co-Author of There Is A God with Professor Antony Flew

“In my years as an educator and as an elder in the Lord’s church, I have sadly seen the faith of many young people, as well as adults, swept away by the contemporary humanistic cultural climate. Today’s society has largely lost the moral, ethical, and spiritual qualities which sustained earlier generations. Warren Christian Apologetics Center is providing the tools to equip both the young and the adults to stand firm against the daily attacks on faith and morality."

Sam C. Gant, Ph.D.

Professor, emeritus
Nashville State Community College

Everyday [we] are assailed by forces that deny the very existence of God. The Warren Christian Apologetics Center serves as one of the premiere sources to combat these corrupt influences in our modern world. I hope this valuable resource is used by all . . . in the future."

Terry W. Capel, MD

"My grandfather dedicated his life to the defense of Christianity. He recognized early on that agnosticism and atheism were powerful influences for evil and that they must be met head -on. It was a life-long dream of his to organize an intensive effort that was dedicated to proving the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, and the deity of Christ. Such has finally been done!"

Thomas Bart Warren  M.Div.

As a young preacher I heard Dr. Thomas B. Warren say that the reason he was pursuing his doctorate was in order to defend, on their educational levels, those who were in academia. He achieved this purpose by successfully meeting, in a public forum, some of the most highly respected representatives of an unbelieving culture. I am especially thankful for those who are now carrying on this great legacy through the Warren Apologetics Center. The literature produced is of the finest quality and I recommend it highly.

Dr. Jay Lockhart

Tyler, Texas

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