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Sufficient Evidence


Sufficient Evidence: A Journal of Christian Apologetics is devoted to setting forth evidence for
the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ.
Publication occurs biannually with Spring and Fall volumes.


Editorial Staff:

General Editor:    W. Terry Varner                                            
Associate Editor:      Thomas Bart Warren

Editorial Consultants:

Charles J. Aebi                                                                                 Jody Apple

Ralph Gilmore                                                                                 Glenn Hawkins     

 Jim Laws                                                                                          David Lipe 

 Kippy Myers                                                                                   David O'Connel                  

 Rolland Pack                                                                                 Charles C. Pugh III         

 Dick Sztanyo                                                                                 Gregory A. Tidwell






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CURRENT Fall ISSUE: Volume 7 No. 2

The Argument From Beauty to the Existence of God
Bart Warren

Medical Marijuana: The Legal Aspects
Melvin L. Otey

A Scientific Analysis of Adam and the Genome
Joe Deweese

A Theological Analysis of Adam and the Genome
Justin Rogers

An Attempted Synthesis of the Hermeneutical Approaches of Thomas and Alexander Campbell and J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays in their  rasping God's Word (Part II)
Ralph Gilmore

Conveying Faith to a Skeptical Culture
Paul N. Meredith

Book Reviews