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Mission and History

To affirm, defend, and advance the faith...



The seed for WCAC was planted in the early 1970's when Charles C. Pugh III, Executive Director of the Center, was an apologetics student of Dr. Thomas B. Warren at Harding Graduate School of Religion. Later, in the mid 1970's Mr. Pugh and WCAC Research Coordinator, W. Terry Varner, met for the first time because of the common conviction they shared concerning proof for the existence of God. In 1978, WCAC Resource Staff members Glenn Hawkins and Dick Sztanyo, along with Charles Pugh III and others, were invited by Dr. Warren to serve as staff members of the Institute for the Advancement of Christian Theism (I-ACT). I-ACT was a short-lived theistic center, founded by Dr. Warren, for the purpose of defending theism and stopping the growing influence of atheistic thought. Thomas B. Warren (1920-2000) was likely one of the greatest apologists during the last 100 years. Dr. Warren possessed the rare combination of gifted, logical thinking, speaking, and writing in the spirit of a true Christian gentleman. There is a real sense in which the good accomplished by WCAC is a tribute to the life and work of Thomas B. Warren.

That the need exists for such a center would seem obvious when one considers the indubitable observation of distinguished British philosopher, David Conway, who says, "[T]he theistic doctrine . . . is largely dismissed by philosophers today. . . . [Theism] . . . once formed the lynchpin of western civilisation. . . . [S]cepticism . . . has culminated in our day, not simply in a form of secularism or militant atheism that . . . has been practically [fashionable] among western intelligentsia, but in a novel and highly sophisticated form of [relativism] known as post-modernism" (The Rediscovery of Wisdom, 4-5). WCAC, and similar projects, are ideas whose time has come.



The Warren Christian Apologetics Center (WCAC) is an informational theistic center that exists for the purpose of affirming and defending the Christian worldview while aiming to challenge the growing global influence of atheistic thought. WCAC is an intensive effort to produce, publish, and propagate sound, scholarly material that affirms and defends the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ. To accomplish these objectives WCAC utilizes audio and video materials, books, classes, documents, journals, lectures, mass media, pamphlets, scholarly dialogue and debate, the worldwide web, workshops, and seminars suitable for various age groups.

The mission of WCAC is achieved through reliance on God, prayer, and a staff of qualified individuals who possess a deep personal interest in and passion for Christian Apologetics as well as expertise through knowledge, skill, and experience in fields that enable the WCAC mission to be fulfilled. Although formal graduate and post-graduate study is not essential to serve as a member of the WCAC Staff, several staff members have pursued, and continue to pursue, formal high-level academic studies. A number of our staff members have earned the terminal academic degree in their chosen field of expertise.

The support of individuals and groups such as families, churches, schools, civic organizations, foundations, etc. who are sensitive to the mission of the Warren Christian Apologetics Center is crucial to the accomplishment of our mission.

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Charles C. Pugh III

Charles C. Pugh III is Executive Director of Warren Christian Apologetics Center. Mr. Pugh has studied, written, and taught in the field of Christian Apologetics for more than 40 years. He did undergraduate work at Ohio Valley University and Harding University from which he graduated with work in Speech Education and Biblical Studies. He received certification in Speech Education and was the recipient of various honors in Public Address. His education continued on the Graduate level at Harding Graduate School of Religion where his Graduate study was in Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics with Dr. Thomas B. Warren as his major Professor. Mr. Pugh’s Guided Graduate Research in Apologetics, under the tutelage of Professor Warren, is titled: The Doctrinal Significance of the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ.He has taught Philosophy and Apologetics at Ohio Valley College (now University). Since 1994, Pugh has chaired the field of Apologetics studies at West Virginia School of Preaching, Moundsville, West Virginia. He regularly teaches courses on the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ. Mr. Pugh also serves as an editorial consultant for Sufficient Evidence.

Charles C. Pugh III is a published author who writes extensively on the crosscurrents of present-day thinking as related to the foundational issues of Apologetics. His works include Things Most Surely Believed-Evidence Essays (2002), Life’s Greatest Acclamation-God (2006), and That Your Joy May Be Full-More Evidence Essays (2007). Brief tractates authored by Mr. Pugh include Christianity vs. Islam (2003, 5th printing 2016), What the Bible Is All About (2008, 2nd printing 2010), Walking through Life’s Valleys (2009, 2nd printing 2012), Apologetics: Restoration of Hope for a Nation (2015, 5th printing 2018).

Charles C. Pugh III was a charter staff member of the Institute for the Advancement of Christian Theism (I-ACT), a theistic center founded in 1978 by Dr. Thomas B. Warren. He owns an extensive collection of rare Apologetics books, some of which date from the 1700’s. Pugh is a frequent lecturer on Apologetics and related Philosophical and Theological themes and issues. Mr. Pugh was born in Marietta, OH, and grew up in Parkersburg, WV, where he graduated from Parkersburg High School. He and his wife Sharon live in Vienna, WV, and are parents of two daughters and one son, each of whom is a career Educator. THey have five granddaughters and two grandsons.



Research Coordinator

W. Terry Varner

As Research Coordinator for the Apologetics Center and General Editor of Sufficient Evidence, W. Terry Varner has taught Bible and related topics for more than 55 years. Following service in the U.S. Marine Corps during Korean Conflict, he studied at various schools, such as, Abilene Christian College (University), Waynesburg College (University), West Virginia State (University), West Liberty College (University), Moody Bible Institute, Malone College (University), National Christian University, and Southern Christian University.

Library research, General Biblical Introduction, and Apologetics have always been an area of great interest. This has enabled Mr. Varner to develop a very extensive scholarly reference library on God, the Bible and its inspiration and interpretation, and the Deity and life and ministry of Christ. His familiarity with the various scholarly works in these areas will enable the development of a scholarly and useful Research Library for Warren Christian Apologetics Center. Mr. Varner had an association with Dr. Thomas B. Warren that involved periodic debate research as well as being a regular contributor to the quarterly journal and lectureship books edited by Dr. Warren.

Mr. Varner has a number of religious books and lectures in print. Other works are in various stages of completion.  He edited a monthly journal devoted to biblical studies for twenty-four years. Through the years, he has engaged in correspondence with such prominent apologists and biblical scholars as F. F. Bruce, Wilbur M. Smith, Walter E. Ewell, J. A. Curtain (British Museum), James C. DeYoung, Charles L. Fienberg, Anthony A. Hoekema, J. J. Paker, Geroge E. Ladd, and Phelp E. Hughes.

He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and has been a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and Society of Biblical Literature.

He and his wife, Lillie, are the parents of three sons and one daughter, three of whom are career educators and one is a mortician.




Vice President - Board of directors

Thomas Bart Warren

Thomas Bart Warren is a grandson of Dr. Thomas B. Warren. He grew up listening to his father, Lindsey (the only son of Dr. Warren), and his grandfather, who had dedicated their lives to the defense of the Christian faith.

He has been preaching full-time since 2003 and has served congregations in Tennessee and Kentucky (at the South Green Street Church of Christ in Glasgow, KY since 2010). He has taught at preacher training schools in both Tennessee and Colorado. He serves as Vice-President of Warren Christian Apologetics Center and as the Associate Editor of Sufficient Evidence.

B.S. (Accounting) – Oklahoma Christian University
M.A. (New Testament) – Freed-Hardeman University
M.Div (New Testament) – Freed-Hardeman University
M.A. (Christianity and Classical Studies) – Knox Theological Seminary
Currently pursuing PhD in Philosophy from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Thomas Bart Warren married Laura Hanstein in 2003. Laura is the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Roy Lanier, Jr. and Roy Lanier, Sr. respectively. In 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Warren welcomed their twin sons, Loukas and Titus, into the world and in 2011 welcomed their third son, Jacob Thomas.