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AH - Antonin Scalia

“The Indispensability of Courage—Military Service and the Christian”

[An excerpt from the above referenced section in On Faith: Lessons from an
American Believer
(2019), authored by Justice Antonin Scalia.]

   I believe that military service is not only appropriate for Christians, it is conducive to Christian virtue. I know of no other profession where one commits to laying down his life for his friends. I have nine children, whom I have sent to many different colleges. . . . I can say in all honesty that the school which took most seriously, which made a large part of each day’s instruction, the task of moral formation—of developing character, and instilling fidelity to duty, honor, country—was West Point. And training oneself to be a soldier, preparing oneself to make that sacrifice if needed, is not just one more interchangeable way for a Christian to develop good character. Let no one demean it. It is good training indeed. . . .

. . . . On New Year’s Eve, 1964, Marine Captain Donald Cook was taken prisoner by the Viet Cong—and remained their prisoner until his death. For his conduct as a prisoner of war, Cook was posthumously promoted to colonel and awarded the Medal of Honor. His citation for conspicuous gallantry reads in part:

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