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Frank Higginbotham

The Field of Christian Apologetics

 The field of Christian Apologetics challenges our thinking while strengthening our faith in God and His revealed book, the Bible. Living in a world that looks with disdain on anything connected with God, it is extremely important for Christian people to be able to offer a strong and logical defense for their cause. The unbeliever relies heavily on the power of intimidation to make his case. Many have been convinced that it is a reflection on our intelligence when we state our belief in God. We must refuse to back away when challenged but rather meet the unbeliever with strong arguments showing the validity of our cause. . . .

   God has chosen to reveal Himself in two ways. First, we see God as He is revealed in the natural world about us. The heavens reveal the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork. The second way that we learn about God is in His inspired Word. These two methods do not work against each other but rather confirm that God is the author of both. . . . It is encouraging to see the evidence in the Earth about us joining with the evidence in the Word of God as they combine to show that it is not illogical to accept belief in God.

Life's Greatest Acclamation. By Charles C. Pugh III
 New Martinsville: Threefold, 2006.