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AH - Klingman

George A Klingman

A Challenge To The Church

“Here, however, is a challenge to the church. Carefully gathered statistics show that only three out of ten of the young people of the U.S. are receiving any formal moral or spiritual instruction. Dr. Marvin, President of George Washington University delivered an address to our Ministerial Union a few days ago in which he said: ‘In the History of Higher Education we have never had groups of finer young men and women than we have at the present time; and they are interested not only in the material and physical but also in the spiritual things of life. The religious organizations of our day are helpful but not helpful enough; the church is not giving them “Jesus Christ and him crucified.”’ A divided church with conflicting doctrines about Christ has never been able to cope with the forces of evil and of darkness, but a united church that is true to its mission in preaching Christ, is ‘mighty to the tearing down of strongholds.’ Atheistic College Societies and Fraternities cannot live in an atmosphere purified by the practicable application of the teaching and example of a real, living, personal Christ—who ‘gave himself a ransom for all.’”

George A. Klingman
God Is. An Antedote for the Poisonous Propaganda of “The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, Inc.”
Cincinnati: Rowe, 1929
p. 51

Marcus Stenson