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W. S. Plumer


Minister, author, and theological professor, William Swan Plumer (1802-1880) was one of Princeton Theological Seminary’s most well-known students. Born in Griersburg, Pennsylvania, Plumer would graduate from Washington College in Virginia in 1825. Following a year of study at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1826, Plumer began a very active and diverse ministerial career.
Plumer was a prolific author and he published works include commentaries, biblical studies, articles, essays, sermons, and a volume on pastoral theology. His writings, while profoundly theological in nature, are very practical in focus.


She Has Told You The Truth

"Colonel Ethan Allen of New England, was an officer in the war of American Independence. He was brave, he was patriotic, he was gifted, he was an infidel. Having fought the enemies of his country, he made war on the Lamb, and wrote with much subtlety a work against Christianity. He was also a husband and a father. In the course of time an interesting daughter was taken sick. It soon became apparent to her physician, her parents, and herself, that she had but a short time to live. In these solemn circumstances she made an appeal to her father, an infidel, and to her mother, a Christian, not to deceive her, but to tell her whether she should be the infidel or the Christian system. The mother, from emotion or from prudence, was silent. In the father, parental love gained the ascendency over infidel passion and prejudice, and he said, 'My daughter, believe your mother. She has told you the truth.'"

Wm. S. Plumer
The Bible True, and Infidelity Wicked
pp. 77-78

Marcus Stenson