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The Founders, Churchill, and the Nature of Man

Warren Christian Apologetics Center is proud to have had the privilege of welcoming the President of Hillsdale College Dr. Larry P. Arnn to Parkersburg, WV for a special evening. Dr. Arnn is the best selling author of The Founder's Key, and is an internationally recognized Churchill biographer.  It was an evening accentuated by the spirit of patriotism,  as local youth organizations will assisted in the presentation of colors, performed music befitting the occasion. All guests enjoyed what became a memorable night. The rare opportunity to hear from Dr. Arnn and draw from the insight of the founding fathers could not have come at a more poignant time for any of us. 

Dr. Arnn's words remind us what a privilege it is, to be of this nation, where there is a standard which undergirds the powers that be. A standard that points to a higher power by design, and is reflected and upheld by the very founding documents of this nation's governance.  In times such as these, the standard so thoughtfully woven by the founders, and preserved so well in our constitution may be the tie that yet binds this nation to the ultimate standard, and a hope for the future. Hear the celebrated constitutional scholar's address below:


on Tuesday, October 18th The Historic smoot THeatre in
downtown parkersburg,wv played host
to a night of pageantry and patriotism


Dr. Arnn invoked the true nature of man to deliver a timely message for our nation


Dr. Arnn delivered a timely and thought provoking address befitting the occasion.

Dr. Arnn delivered a timely and thought provoking address befitting the occasion.

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