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A. Z. Conrad


Arcturus Zodiac Conrad (1855-1937) was a Christian author, theologian, and pastor of Park Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts from 1905 to 1937.
He was born on a farm in Shiloh, Indiana to a father who was a Presbyterian minister on the frontier. Conrad was primarily of German and English ancestry. He received his Ph.D. and D.D. at the New York University. He served as pastor of the Aislie Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York; the First Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts; the Congregational church in London, England; and the Park Street Church in Boston.


There It Stands

Century follows century—There it stands. 
Empires rise and fall and are forgotten—There it stands. 
Dynasty succeeds dynasty—There it stands. 
Kings are crowned and uncrowned—There it stands. Emperors decree its extermination—There it stands. Despised and torn to pieces—There it stands. 
Storms of hate swirl about it—There it stands. 
Atheists rail against it—There it stands. Agnostics smile cynically—There it stands. 
Profane prayerless punsters caricature it—There it stands. Unbelief abandons it—There it stands. 
Higher critics deny its claim to inspiration—There it stands. Thunderbolts of wrath smite it—There it stands. 
An anvil that has broken a million hammers—There it stands. 
The flames are kindled about it—There it stands. 
The arrows of hate are discharged against it—There it stands. 
Radicalism rants and raves about it—There it stands. 
Fogs of sophistry conceal it temporarily—There it stands. 
The tooth of time gnaws but makes no dent in it—There it stands. 
Infidels predict its abandonment—There it stands. 
Modernism tries to explain it away—There it stands. 
Laughed at by sycophants and scorned by scoffers—There it stands. Free thinkers deride it—There it stands. 
Devotees of folly denounce it—There it stands. 
When childhood needs a standard of truth—There it stands. Youth calls for a beacon light—There it stands. 
Sorow cries for consolation—There it stands. 
Weakness searches for the sources of power—There it stands. Old age calls for an upholding staff—There it stands. 
The weary seek refuge and rest—There it stands. The hungry soul calls for bread—There it stands. 
The thirsty pilgrim yearns for refreshing water—There it stands
Do the overwhelmed cry for relief?—There it stands. 
Do the lost seek salvation?—There it stands. (194-96) 

For more than 40 years, I have read portions of the above by A. Z. (Arcturus Zodiac) Conrad (1855-1937). Quotations from it have appeared in many print publications, usually abridged, and sometimes quoted with error. It was not until early 2011, when I purchased his work Secret to the Life Sublime (New York: Revell, 1929), that I was able to read it in its entirety and original form. Conrad served as a preacher in Boston for several decades. His description of the indestructibility of the Bible is as fine a statement as I have read on this biblical characteristic that evidences the divine origin of the Bible. 

Charles C. Pugh III
Executive Director