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George S Benson

The Christian Religion

". . . The Christian religion offers the only hope of developing that unselfish character for which this old world is starving and dying. Therefore, instead of throwing overboard religion we must work for better understanding of . . . [Jesus], must undertake to interpret His teaching more faithfully, and to live it out more effecitvely in our lives. . . . Our freedoms are all in one bundle. If people interested in religious freedom stand by until economic freedom is gone and political freedom is gone they will next find religious freedom disappearing too and it will be too late to do much about it. When Hitler had etablished his grip on the political and economic life of Germany it did little good then to die for religious freedom. Likewise when Stalin established political and economic control of Poland, it did little good for people then to die for religious freedom, although in both countries some did. Today we should all stand in one solid phalanx to fight the battle for all of our freedoms on the front line where there is every hope of winning, rather than waiting to fight for religious freedom alone on the last line where there is every chance of losing it."

Dr. George S. Benson
Harding College Lectures (1951)
pp. 148-49

Marcus Stenson