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George S Benson

The Threat to Complacent America

Among the institutions that must be mobilized to resist the forces arrayed against America is that of education, declared Dr. George S. Benson, president of Harding College, Searcy, AR. Recent statements in public print have discussed the job of education, and now citizens can assist in achieving success.

The following quotations are the documented statements of the opposition. They are here quoted because they are vitally important for all Americans to read and understand, and also because none of these statements is to be found in any of the scores of textbooks recently examined:

It is impossible to establish communism as the immediate successor to capitalism. Hence communists work for the establishment of socialism as a necessary transition stage on the road to communism. (John Strachey. “The Theory and Practice of Socialism.” Random House, New York.)

As long as capitalism and socialism exist, we cannot live in peace. In the end, one or the other will triumph—a funeral dirge will be sung over the Soviet Republic or over world capitalism. (Lenin, “Selected Works.” International Publishers, New York).

Who will conquer whom?—that is the whole question. The world is divided into two camps—the capitalist camp, headed by Anglo-American capital, and the socialist camp, headed by the Soviet Union. (Joseph Stalin. Sochineniya, Gospolitizdat. Moscow).

George S. Benson
Sunshine Magazine
(Vol. 33. 1956)

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