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AH - Higginbotham

Frank Higginbotham


Frank Higginbotham (1933-2013) was a faithful gospel preacher for over sixty years. His located works included the Columbia Street Church of Christ in Fairmont, WV; the Wellsburg Church of Christ, in Wellsburg, WV; the West Street Church of Christ in Weirton, WV and the Virginia Avenue Church of Christ in Chester, WV, where he had been located for fifty years.
For over 40 years Frank hosted a local radio show on WOHI that he called “Bible Meditations”.

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The Field of Christian Apologetics

The field of Christian Apologetics challenges our thinking while strengthening our faith in God and His revealed book, the Bible. Living in a world that looks with disdain on anything connected with God, it is extremely important for Christian people to be able to offer a strong and logical defense for their cause.

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