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James D. Bales

The roots of our convictions

"The roots of our convictions concerning the dignity of the individual are religious, whether we recognize it or not. There are non-religious individuals who have been so influenced by religion that they continue to cling to certain of its values long after they have denied the validity of all religion. The man of no faith is the child of centuries of faith. But it is still true that in our societythe roots of our conviction of the sacredness of human personality are religious.

. . . [I]t is religion which gives to human personality sacrednes. 'Where nothing is sacred nothing is safe.' . . .

   In coming to this country, our forefathers put morality, religion, and freedom first. They did not even put economic security first. And yet, these material things have been added unto us.

   We should recognize our need for God, and not for just his matieral gifts."


-Dr. James D. Bales
Harding College Lectures (1951)