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An Apologetics Treasure

The 1976 Warren-Flew debate on the existence of God has been called “The Debate of the Century.” Given the four night debate attendance that averaged several thousand, the masterful logical argumentation of Thomas B. Warren, and last but not least, the announcement by Dr. Antony Flew 29 years after the debate that he was no longer an atheist but had come to believe that God exists, it would be difficult to argue against the claim that this indeed was “The Debate of the Century.” In fact, the Warren-Flew debate may very well be the most devastating defeat experienced by atheism during the last several hundred years.

Something that is judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality is often called classic. When something has come to be considered one of the best of its kind, belonging to the highest rank or class, as an established model, it is described as a classic. We believe the Warren-Flew debate can accurately be described as classic among formal debates that have occurred on the God question.

Recognizing September 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of this monumental debate, in conjunction with its ongoing powerful influence, Warren Apologetics Center announces the late September release of the special 40th Anniversary Edition of The Warren-Flew Debate on the Existence of God 1976-2016. This beautifully bound hardback book of nearly 300 pages will include the original text of the debate with the addition of historic addendums authored by Roy C. Deaver, Jim Laws, David L. Lipe, Roy Abraham Varghese, and Bart Warren. The original Dedication, Preliminary Statements, debate text, and Appendix, plus a new Publisher’s Preface, Table of Contents, and two added appendices will make this book an apologetics treasure! Collectors of valuable books in the field of Christian evidences will want this book.

We emphasize that only a limited number of this special edition will be available. The Warren Center will not reprint this 40th anniversary edition of the Warren-Flew debate once the limited number of this first and only printing has been depleted.

When it is released in late September this book will retail at $24.95, plus shipping and handling. We are confident that the quality of the binding of this special edition, the proven content of the debate itself as an unanswerable case for the existence of God, and the additional 35 pages which include: a thorough review of the debate by Dr. Warren’s dear friend, the late Roy Deaver, and heretofore unpublished essays by the aforementioned writers (i.e. Laws, Lipe, Varghese, and B. Warren) will make this book a bargain at $24.95. Its value will be far beyond this. From these addendums the reader will learn details concerning what happened behind the scenes of the Warren-Flew debate, the influence of Thomas B. Warren on Antony Flew’s change from atheism to theism, and much more.

I once read a description written about a special edition of Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman EmpireIn describing an historic printing of Gibbon’s classic work, a critic wrote: “The page was appropriate to the dignity of the subject; the mere sight of it turned one’s mind.” I do not claim “the mere sight” of this special 40th anniversary edition of the Warren-Flew debate will turn one’s mind from atheism to theism. However, I am sure, as the original Dedication states, “To all who love truth and are willing to make the search to find it” the book will impact human lives in a fashion that will continue to make it appropriate to say, “The Warren-Flew debate truly was ‘The Debate of the Century.’” Make sure you get YOUR copy of this apologetics treasure when it is released!

Charles C. Pugh III
Executive Director