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Articles concerning the existence of God.

I Want Some Clear Evidence: Candid Demands of An Atheist

Let’s listen in on a conversation between a Christian (Thomas) and an atheist (Waldo). They are discussing the possibility of God’s existence.

“Okay, if God really existed then why didn’t he create some fantastic work of art which would leave no possibility of human origin?” asks Waldo. Thomas inquires, “For example?” “It would have to be something extremely small and yet so complex that no one could make another one like it. And God should have left a whole lot of them around so that everyone could have one so that it would serve as a constant reminder of God’s existence,” Waldo answers. “Do you mean something like a snowflake or a DNA molecule?” Thomas asks. “No, silly. Something really complex. Maybe it should have been something huge instead of small. Something which would be beautiful to look at, complex in design, yet so huge that no human could have built it.” “Something like Grand Canyon or a whale, you mean?” inquires Thomas again. “That’s ridiculous! We have those already,” came Waldo’s retort.

“I guess that instead of art, if God really existed then he would have left evidence of that fact in the sciences,” Waldo conjectured. “That way, all scientists would know about him and could pass the word on to everyone else.” Thomas sheepishly asks Waldo, “Could you give me an idea of what you mean?” “Sure, he says, “something you would have to look at under their electron microscope except so intricately ordered that they would know someone had to have made it.” “Oh,” replies the Christian, “I guess you mean something like organelles of a living cell or an atom or something like that.” “Naw! You certainly aren’t very intelligent are you? These things already exist. I am trying to think of what kind of evidence God would have left if he existed. It would have to be something different. Don’t you understand?” “I think I am beginning to catch on, yes,” says Thomas with a sigh. “What we would need,” Waldo continues, “is some sort of inexplicable thing that could not have originated on its own.” “How did life on earth begin, Waldo?” “I don’t know and don’t have to know. Why do you ask?” “Just  wondering. But get back to your train of thought.” “Yes,” says the atheist. “We would want something highly organized and . . . .” “How about the human reproductive system or digestive system or cardio-pulmonary system?” Thomas interjects. “Hah!” replies Waldo, “Of course not! I mean something super intricate.” “Oh.” Waldo is disgusted with Thomas and says, “Boy some people are so dumb that they can’t see a fact when they’re hit in the face with it!”

Finally, Thomas has had enough. He speaks up. “Waldo, it looks to me like what you want is something totally unlike anything that exists. In other words, the existence of God simply cannot be demonstrated to you regardless of any fact. What you seem to want is something so unorganized and disordered that we could see God’s existence in it.” “Not a bad idea.” “Uh huh, typical atheistic logic.” Says Thomas as he knowingly shakes his head, “if it doesn’t play your tune, it doesn’t work.”

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Dr. Kippy Myers has studied at Harding Graduate School of Religion (M.A., Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics), University of Dallas (M.A., Philosophy) and University of Tennessee at Knoxville (Ph.D., Philosophy). He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Bible at Freed-Hardeman University where he also serves as Assistant Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities.