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Everybody Has Got Religion

Recently I was told of a college student whose view of life accepted anything except religion, which I assumed, of course, included Christianity. His position is a classic example of our culture that has lost touch with reality, one that T. S. Eliot declared over half a century ago had “left God, not for other gods, but for no god at all.”

   This is the product of the philosophy of Existentialism which infected the nineteenth and twentieth century world and morphed into Post-modernism in the twenty-first. This philosophy essentially views reality not as created by a Supreme mind, but as a mindless, physical accident. The only reality for the true Existentialist is whatever the individual mind perceives.

   In the extreme, understanding of life does not even come from the “thinking” self, but from the “felling and/or acting” self. Such a philosophy casts off anything that controls one’s own behavior; thus, it is imperative to reject the idea of a Transcendent Moral Authority.

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Filling in the Mosaic of God

A mosaic is an artwork made by inlaying small pieces of glass, stone, or tiles in such a way that an image is formed. An examination of any single piece of the mosaic may reveal that it is quite ordinary in appearance or that it is a very beautiful piece in its own right. But in either case, common or beautiful, the single piece does not compare with the beauty of the full image once all the pieces are in place. God comes to man something like a set of mosaic pieces, leaving it to man to fit them together to form the image.

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