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Evidence for the Existence of God

America is the only world power which claims to have had its origin in Christian principles. Our national motto is: In God We Trust. But, in both obvious and subtle ways, faith in God and Christian principles of morality and conduct are being undermined in our country. This can be seen from the continual attacks leveled against our national motto with its reference to God, our pledge of allegiance (“one nation under God”), and the wording of prayer in schools, public assemblies, and civic functions. It is not an uncommon thing to see many, if not most, state universities publishing materials which are either atheistic or, at the least, skeptical in their approach to religion in general and toward Christianity in particular. Books attacking the existence of God are commonplace reading in our schools and colleges. Because such criticism of the foundations of the Christian system has gone unanswered, many have given up their faith in God.

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