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Articles concerning the existence of God.

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“O Lord, what is man that you regard him, or the son of man that you think of him?” (Psalm 144:3, ESV). How we define ourselves—the human race—is tied to worldview and greatly affects how we live now, not to mention what we believe about the future. Notice the question is not seeking a definition as much as it is asking God why He cares so much for us. To the Psalmist, it was a given that God made man. Sadly, to many now, it is not.

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One Nation Under God

The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage of this army" (Federer 639). Those were the prophetic words of General George Washington, as he ad­dressed his troops on July 20, 1776-—less than three weeks after the Declaration of Independence was signed. The Gen­eral could not have known he was using a phrase that would, 226 years later, be declared un-American (i.e. uncon­stitutional) by a few highly placed but arrogant ingrates with an abysmal understanding and dearth of appreciation for the foundation on which the Republic rests.

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