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There are those who maintain that nothing in Christianity is original; and that, therefore, Christianity is just another one of the religions of man. Here are a few suggestions concerning this challenge to Christianity.

The effort to find “parallels” to Christ—with reference to the virgin birth—was dealt with in a paper we distributed earlier. (Thomas Boslooper, “Jesus Virgin Birth and Non-Christian ‘Parallels’”, Religion in Life, Winter, l956-57, pp. 87-97).

God made Himself known to man in the beginning of human history. Some of the original revelations of God to man may well have been handed down throughout the generations, although often covered over to varying degrees by the traditions of man. (William Meade, The Bible and the Classics. New York: Thomas Whittaker, 1890).

It may have been that some nations were influenced by the patriarchs and by the law, as these nations came into contact—directly or indirectly—with God’s people.

Romans 2 seems to indicate that man has the power to make some moral discernments. After all, if there is moral law men should be able to see something of its working in human society. Consequences of transgression of moral law should manifest themselves in society and character. Selfishness does certain things to a character regardless of his race or of the period in which he lived.

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