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A New Plan of Attack

Under the preceding title, the following recently came to our attention. It manifests key insights into the present condition of our nation's culture. The Warren Center is truly "for such a time as this"--an age growing in atheistic and agnostic thought, an age in which theism and Christianity are under renewed assault, an age in which the "founding values" of culture are unraveling, because God, the only objective reference for values, is being denied by an anti-Christian agenda in American culture. We appreciate the following observations written by D. Gene West, Moundsville, WV.


Very recently, I finished the reorganization of more than seven hundred books dealing with Apologetics, or what we commonly call "Christian Evidences." These date from the early 1700s to the present. As I did this work, it occurred to me that if we are going to impact the world so far as biblical Christianity is concerned, we are going to have to come up with a new plan of attack for converting the lost and go on the offensive just as did the early disciples.

Gone, probably forever, are the days when all we have to do to convert a soul to Jesus is to sit down with a Bible and merely show the Gospel plan of salvation. False science and evolution have made too many inroads for us to be able to use the simplistic approach in vogue fifty years ago. There is no need for us to talk about baptism, or repentance, or other rudimentary things for we have arrived at a time in the life of our nation when people simply do not believe in God! Even if they pay lip service to faith in Him, and attend some church, they live as if He does not exist! So, we are going to have to draw upon Paul and his work in Athens and be ready to prove that our God is real and exists though He is "the God" Who is unknown. We are going to have to do much more than quote Psalm 14:1, we are going to have to become proficient in the use of Apologetics to prove God is, and He is rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Fortunately, there is a great deal of help out there. Such men as J. W. McGarvey fought this same battle more than a hundred years ago, and we still have many of his important works to help us. The works of such men as Dr. James D. Bales, Dr. Thomas B. Warren are here for our benefit; not to mention hundreds of religious conservatives who are now in the fray. Now is the time for us to educate our young in Apologetics and ground them thoroughly in the evidence so that some college professor, who is more wind than substance, cannot betray their souls. This is an extraordinarily serious matter and the time is critical.

D Gene West
May 6, 2012