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Christmas - My Turn

All who know me, know exactly what I teach about Christmas. Over the years I have written repeatedly on its historicity and traditions. Who among us does not appreciate this time of the year when joy, giving, receiving, and peace are practiced by so many? If you want to look at the glass as half-empty, it is also a time of haste, waste, expense, sadness, crime, etc. The season causes us to slow down our hectic pace of life, or at least we try, and enjoy our families and friends for a few days. We enjoy the blessings of life—eating, exchanging and receiving gifts, decorating, and in general, enjoying the spirit of good will to all men (cf. Luke 3:10).

I understand what the Bible teaches and emphasizes about Christ and why! My knowledge of the history of what society terms Christmas is not void. Let me be clear. The Bible nowhere uses the term Christmas. The early Christians, in harmony with God’s word, did not observe
December 25 as the birthday of Jesus, but the birthday traditions evolved over the centuries. They will continue to evolve. We enjoy many of them. None deny that the holiday season produces for many rich, innocent blessings. Who is the “scrooge” whose hardened heart is not filled with joy when giving gifts or when receiving a gift? Who among us is such a “scrooge” as to refuse enjoying those extra carbs, fibers, sugars, etc. for a “season of time”? Then, we try to diet!

Christmas is a joyful season. For many it is their favorite holiday, even though the Bible has no birth date for Jesus. However, the Bible’s emphasis is on the weekly remembrance of His death and His resurrection (1 Cor. 11:25; Acts 20:7). Far too many make a big show about the
Christmas season and then forget Him until next year at the same time. This makes the season a time of great hypocrisy! Amid our joyful times, we have empty chairs recalling a time of sadness with the memory of missing loved ones?

Christmas—My Turn. Let us remove the significance man has attached to this time of the year and look at a more serious matter, in my thinking, that is not often thought about. Yearly, our cities, towns, and individuals try to enjoy the spirit of the season. They are repeatedly challenged by individuals who are most often supported by the American Civil Liberties Union to remove any semblance of Christmas—nativity scene, trees, etc. One is almost fearful to say, Merry Christmas. Merchants often struggle with how to direct their employees to respond to the cheery greeting—Merry Christmas. Why? Political Correctness. We must cease and desist allowing ourselves to fall for such Political Correctness or Political Foolishness! Read on!

Think with me. Their objection to these matters involves a deeper underlying problem than erecting a nativity scene, Christmas tree, or saying Merry Christmas. All who know our Founding Fathers know of their devout belief in God. They never separated God from life, let alone from government! To our shame, we no longer teach American History! If history is taught, often it has been rewritten to reflect not the truth, but biased concepts opposing our nation’s belief and dependence on God and His word!

I ask you to reflect for a moment about who opposes this time of the year. Tell me WHO has challenged the nativity scene, Christmas tree, or saying Merry Christmas? Who erects billboards reading: “No God? No problem? Be good for goodness sake” or as the Las Vegas “Christmas” atheists’ billboard reads: “Yes, Virginia there is no God.” Is it the believer in God? Or is it the non-believer in God? Think! The opponents are ALL atheists! Where does the concept of goodness originate, man or God? I have never known someone who opposed Christmas traditions to be a believer in God. While I may never see it, if the trend for Political Correctness continues, the time will come when citizens will not be allowed to decorate the outside of their houses for the season. It will offend someone who does not believe in God. The truth is, our opponents desire the total removal of any reflection on God and His divine nature! This is why we must have a strong apologetic voice for God, the Bible, and His Son. Keep in your prayers the Warren Christian Apologetics Center. Web site: warrenapologeticscenter.org. The center is a bastion for apologetics support for the existence of God, the credibility of the Bible, and Deity of Christ.