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Tell Me What This Center Is About

One of the most frequently asked questions about Warren Apologetics Center is: “What is this ‘apologetics center’ about?” Answering this question in such a way that people have a clear understanding is extremely crucial to the overall success of this project. We have worked hard to do this, but we continue working harder attempting to do an even better job communicating what Warren Apologetics Center is all about.

One will not have a clear understanding of the Warren Center’s work unless he understands the meaning of the term apologetics. Unfortunately, there seem to be many who do not have a clear understanding of apologetics. The popular usage of the word apology as “an expression of regret or feeling sorry for some fault or mistake” seems to cause some confusion about apologetics. However, Christian Apologetics, in the context of the mission and vision of the Warren Center, has absolutely nothing to do with apologizing in the sense of expressing sorrow or regret. Rather,apologetics, as used by Warren Christian Apologetics Center is the field of study that defends the divine origin and authority of Christianity. When one does true Christian apologetics he is involved in working out and presenting evidence through sound argumentation that proves and defends the truth of Christianity. This is all about a defense of Christian faith through the rational affirmation and defense of the three foundational propositions of Christianity: (1) God exists, (2) The Bible is the word of God, and (3) Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

In addition to understanding the term apologetics, one must also understand the times in which we are living in order to understand what the Warren Center is about. We are living during times in which the three foundational propositions (God exists; the Bible is the word of God; Jesus Christ is the Son of God) are under major attack. This attack against these three foundational propositions of Christian faith has become more obvious in America during the last fifty years (see Berger, Davie, and Fokas, Religious America, Secular Europe? Published 2008). A recent Harris Poll (November 13-18, 2013) revealed that belief in the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ is on decline in America. Furthermore, the results of this 2013 Harris Poll show that belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution has increased among Americans since an earlier survey conducted in 2005. Among those surveyed, it was also discovered that the “combined belief that there is no God . . . and uncertainty as to whether or not there is a God” were both up from earlier 2003 findings. There is no doubt that atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism toward the Bible and Jesus Christ are on the increase in American culture. The Warren Center exists to address this increasing demographic of unbelief and skepticism during our time.

One of the most prominent apologists of the twentieth century was C. S. Lewis. He wrote, “If we are to convert our heathen neighbors, we must understand their culture. We must ‘beat them at their own game’” (Christian Reflections 17). Warren Apologetics Center is about helping those who are embracing the Christian worldview by arming them against the militant skepticism that is attacking the truth of Christianity and destroying our culture. It is about disarming atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism by presenting a sound case for Christian theism, and answering the growing global influence of atheism.

To understand the work designated as Warren Apologetics Center one needs to understand the target of this Center. Yes, the Warren Center is about challenging the growing global influence of atheism in our time, but more specifically it is about targeting atheism and skepticism as these philosophies influence our culture through such segments as (1) higher education, (2) medicine, (3) entertainment, (4) sport, (5) politics, (6) government, (7) business, (8) education, (9) religion, etc. Furthermore, the purpose of Warren Apologetics Center is fulfilled by mentoring youth in affirming and defending Christian faith. From small children to adolescents, university students to young adults, and adults to parents and grandparents who are leaders in schools, churches, government, and various fields, Warren Apologetics Center is about mentoring specific individuals and groups by providing sound apologetics information. Apologist Norman Geisler wrote, “Nothing is more important in communicating Christ in today’s world than apologetics and no group has a greater need to receive this communication than our young people. . . .[U]nless we can answer the bad philosophy of our age into which our youth are being indoctrinated by the culture daily, we shall never be able to establish them in the good philosophy of Christianity” (Introduction, Stand Your Ground by Dean Hardy xi).

The Warren Center is not a home, a civil government, a political party, a school, or the church. However, the Warren Center can and will aid each of these—the family, the nation, the school, the university, and the church—as it reaches out with its literature (books, journals, textbooks, articles, etc.). Furthermore, these crucial areas of culture will be aided as the Center’s library, dialogues, debates, seminars, lectures, electronic media, etc. are utilized. As this very article is being written, the Alliance Corporation, an expert firm in Kentucky, is working toward the completion of the interior and exterior plans for the apologetics offices, lyceum (lecture hall), and library that will be home to Warren Christian Apologetics Center. This facility is located on a two acre plot at the busy intersection of Interstate 77 and US Rt 50 at Parkersburg, WV. When the building is renovated, the result will be a state-of-the-art apologetics facility in excess of 9000 sq. ft. It will be home to a plethora of apologetics materials that will be preserved in print, audio, video, electronic, and digital formats and available for free use by the public. It will be home to apologetics discussions, dialogues, debates, camps, training seminars, and lectures for all ages and audiences. It will house an apologetics library exclusively limited to useful apologetics materials available for
public use.

In summary, the Warren Center is an informational non-profit (all contributions are tax-deductible) center specializing in the publication, presentation, and preservation of Christian apologetics materials of the highest quality. Through its materials, lyceum events, and library holdings the Warren Center’s mission to strongly affirm and defend the Christian worldview and challenge the growing global influence of atheistic thought is carried out. While honoring the far-reaching apologetics legacy of Dr. Thomas B. Warren (1920-2000), for whom the Center is named, Warren Apologetics Center engages the knowledge and skill of present-day apologists who reach both the young and older.

This is a powerful project “for such a time as this.” American culture is unraveling because of the decline of Christian faith through the influence of atheistic and skeptical thought. The Warren Center is one powerful answer to help stem the tide! It is for the glory of God and the salvation of humans who are made in His image. After reading this article, please share it with those who are not familiar with the Warren Center. Additional copies of this publication are available on request. We welcome and need your generous and loyal support.