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Warren Center Becomes Home of National Christian Press

National Christian Press was founded by the late Dr. Thomas B. Warren as an outlet for the many excellent books he had either written or edited. The press has been publishing quality materials for over 50 years, and has been handed down to other family members through the years, and was currently owned by one of Warren’s grandsons, Bart Warren. Bart Warren currently serves as Vice President of the Warren Center, as well as Associate Editor of Sufficient Evidence.

At the recent Spring Apologetics Lectures, held May 11, 2017, official transfer of National Christian Press into The Warren Center family became a reality and the publications of NCP have now been incorporated into the Warren Center. This means that WCAC now has full publishing control over these publications. This is significant! When an organization is named in honor of the work of an individual who wrote, debated, and spoke, in defense of the Christian worldview, where else could these works find a better home than at the Warren Center?

The works of Dr. Thomas B. Warren have found their new home. As we work together, we count it a great privilege and responsibility to do all that we can to continue to disseminate this information, and even increase the awareness of this excellent apologetics material.

“I’m excited about this! If you have seen any of the work produced by Warren Apologetics Center, you realize that it is always a top flight presentation—the way that it looks, the way that it feels in your hands, the whole thing—everything put together here is first rate. I am a fan of one stop shopping, and now all of the work is available under one roof. In every single way, I think this is the right thing to do. I am thankful.” – Bart Warren