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C. S. Lewis and the Moral Argument

C. S. Lewis and the Moral Argument

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From the Introduction:

I can think of no two topics that are more relevant to today’s apologetics than C. S. Lewis and the Moral Argument. Knowing that not everyone would be familiar with the story of how C. S. Lewis went from being a serious atheist to a Christian theist, in chapter one (which was the first talk), I trace Lewis’s spiritual journey—setting the stage for what he will have to say about the Moral Argument and at the same time pointing out some of the implications. . . . In chapter two, I present Lewis’s case for the Moral Argument, drawing primarily from the first book of Mere Christianity. Then in chapter three, I place Lewis’s arguments within the framework of the three types of reasoning and present some ways that abductive arguments may be seen to complement traditional deductive ones.

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