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We Can Know That The Bible Is God's Word

We Can Know That The Bible Is God's Word

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One of the unique contributions of Professor Thomas B. Warren was his formulation of the logical argument that proves the divine origin of the Bible. Warren wrote, "I have studied books by the dozens in which men have sought to prove the inspiration and authority of the Bible. Yet I have been keenly disappointed in all of these books in at least one point. . . . [N]o basic logical argument was set out to explain why what the men did actually showed that the Bible was the inspired word of God. Spurred by that failure . . . I was motivated to give thought to this matter over a period not only of months, but of years . . . I have set out the basic argument which proves that the Bible is the word of God." This brief essay presents the logical argument developed by Dr. Warren from which the Bible's divine origin is proved. This is the second of three essays in a trilogy by Warren concerning the pillars of Christian culture. Unique and powerful!



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