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Spring Apologetics Lectures


8th Annual Spring Apologetics Lectures To Feature Dr. John Parker

The Literary Superiority of the Bible

May 10, 2018  <>  1:30 - 4:30


Grand Pointe Conference and Reception Center: Annual host TO this EVENT

 1500 Grand Central Ave #118, Vienna, WV 26105

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THe Companion Book of 2017's Lectures IS AVAILABLE IN OUR BOOKSTORE!!!


Dr. Doug Burleson began preaching at the age of 15. Since that time he has served several congregations, including serving as the preacher at the Goodwood Church of Christ in Baton Rouge, LA from June 2004 – June 2010. In July 2010 he began serving as an Assistant Professor in Bible at Freed-Hardeman and also began preaching at the Scotts Hill Church of Christ. In 2012 Dr. Burleson completed a PhD in New Testament and Greek at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary working in the area of New Testament Textual Criticism. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman and has Master’s degrees from Freed-Hardeman University (‘01), Lipscomb University (‘03), and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (‘07). In 2015 Dr. Burleson also began directing the Annual Bible Lectureship at Freed-Hardeman.

Dr. Burleson's primary areas of research include biblical exegesis, New Testament Greek, New Testament Textual Criticism, Biblical Intertextuality, and New Testament Social Settings.

Dr. Burleson is married to Kristi Johnson Burleson and they have three children: Eden (9), Canaan (6), and Jordan (3). He has written articles in several brotherhood periodicals and spoken at congregations of the Lord’s church throughout the United States.


Featuring Dr. Doug Burleson


The Authority Of The Text

The Canonicity Of The Text

The Authenticity Of The Text