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George S. Benson


Long time Evangelist, George S. Benson (1898-1991) served as President of Harding University (1936-1965), as President Emeritus Of Harding University, as chancellor of Oklahoma Christian College (now University), and he was a great promoter and advocate of Christian education.
Throughout his active adult years, George Benson was first and foremost an evangelist, a missionary and a teacher of the Bible. For many years, he participated in governmental affairs of this nation. He was also internationally recognized as an opponent of communism.


The Threat to Complacent America

Among the institutions that must be mobilized to resist the forces arrayed against America is that of education, declared Dr. George S. Benson, president of Harding College, Searcy, AR. Recent statements in public print have discussed the job of education, and now citizens can assist in achieving success.

The following quotations are the documented statements of the opposition. They are here quoted because they are vitally important for all Americans to read and understand, and also because none of these statements is to be found in any of the scores of textbooks recently examined:

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