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An Old Book and The Book

Many years ago, an annual used book sale in Parkersburg, WV, yielded a rare treasure. There, on a shelf surrounded by thousands of books on various and sundry topics, was An Examination of the Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible published in 1874 by John W. Haley. I quickly opened the book to see the price. Twenty-five cents!!!! SOLD! I felt like a little boy with his special toy on Christmas morning.

In 1951, the late B. C. Goodpasture, longtime editor of The Gospel Advocate, described Haley’s Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible as “the most useful work of its kind.” In the preface, Haley humbly set forth his purpose for authoring this classic volume. He wrote, “If it shall help to vindicate the Bible from the reproaches and misrepresentations of its enemies, and to solve doubts in the minds of honest inquirers, the author’s object will have been attained” (vi).

Haley’s closing statement in the preface is, itself, worth more than great sums of money. Haley wrote:

Finally, let it be remembered that the Bible is neither dependent upon nor affected by the success or failure of my book. Whatever may become of the latter, whatever may be the verdict passed upon it by an intelligent public, the BIBLE will stand. In the ages yet to be, when its present assailants and defenders are mouldering in the dust, and when their very names are forgotten, the sacred volume will be, as it has been during the centuries past, the guide and solace of unnumbered millions of our race. (x)