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The Bible does Not Contradict Itself!

In a recent article the charge is made that the Bible contradicts itself. As incredible as such may seem to faithful Christians, the writer of that article claims to be a member of the Lord’s church.

   The purposes of this article are: (1) to categorically deny the charge that the Bible contradicts itself, (2) to point out some implications of that charge, and (3) to make an appeal to brethren everywhere to awaken to the insidious danger which is posed to the Lord’s church by men who write such articles (as that referred to in the opening sentence) and by the journals which publish them.

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Is America About to Die

A nation is a lot like a person. It is born. It lives. It grows old. It dies.

Many great nations have arisen during the history of the world. Some of them experienced a pattern somewhat like this: they began with strong spiritual, moral conviction; followed by the growth and eventual dominance of materialism, eventually to be destroyed by moral decay, apathy and anarchy.

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