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Sufficient Evidence: A Journal of Christian Apologetics is devoted to setting forth evidence for the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ, and is published biannually (Spring and Fall).



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Responses to Evolution

Even evolutionists admit that no one has ever directly (immediately) observed the evolution of any human being from some lower (non- human) form of life. Such an admission involves the further admission that in order for the theory to be scientifically believable someone had (1) to both gather and to interpret the evidence and (2) to formulate a theory that man actually evolved from some lower (non-human) form of life. The same composite of facts is available to anyone who wishes to study the question. But the composite of facts does not constitute the whole story. There is also the very important matter of how to handle—how to interpret—these facts. Just a little later I shall have more to say about this very important point...

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