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Sufficient Evidence: A Journal of Christian Apologetics is devoted to setting forth evidence for the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ, and is published biannually (Spring and Fall).



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Presuppositional Apologetics

This article represents an attempt to: (1) define presuppositional apologetics; and (2) show why such a method is ultimately defective.

Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984) was one of the better known presuppositionalists. His method of approach consisted of assuming a worldview, drawing the implications inherent within that particular worldview, and then testing those implications for truth.

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A Theistic Apologetic from the Design of Human Movement and Athletic Performance

In his 1976 debate with Antony G. N. Flew, Professor Thomas B. Warren used his first affirmative speech to set forth a compelling argument for the existence of God. His argument was as follows:

"If there is even one characteristic, attribute or property of even one human being which could have come into existence only by the creative power of God, then that one human being constitutes proof that God does exist..."

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The Superiority of the Christian Ethical System

The superiority of the Christian ethical system is best recognized in the exemplary life of Jesus of Nazareth. Properly described and explicated, this system includes duties and goals set in an absolutist context sensitive to individual cases and personal choice with a foundation in human nature created in the image of God and in a reasoned account of general and special revelation. I will introduce some of the biblical Christian concepts that are important constituent elements of such an ethical system and argue that these demonstrate its superiority per se, not requiring comparison to other systems as a part of the superiority claim.

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